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Query re database setup for use in WP7 Pivot control

Jun 1, 2011 at 10:42 AM

Hi, I have a background using OO databases, but am relatively new to .NET, C#, Silverlight and MVVM etc.  I am using the Sterling DB for a WP7 app and I am struggling when trying to use it with data binding on a pivot control.

I have a collection of ClassA objects and each of these ClassA objects can contain a collection of ClassB objects. 

For my Pivot Control I have Bound it to the collection of ClassA objects and the Pivot header is a property on the ClassA object...  I created some ClassA objects and have that side going fine i.e the Pivot Header is working fine and I can navigate over to the  next item. 

The issue that I have is how to make the collection of ClassB items the Pivot items.  Because my binding for  the pivot control has gone down to ClassA (for the header) then I am effectively in my model code (ClassA), but am not sure how or even if its possible to set up a true collection of ClassB objects accessible from that ClassA object.  If not then  I  presumably to derive the collection of ClassB objects in that model code for ClassA and somehow return that collection do it can be bound into the data template for the pivot item.

Been looking around and have not really found examples of what I am after, even though I thought it would be a reasonably common thing to do.

Any help/advice appreciated.


- thanks