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Why So Many Files?

Feb 2, 2013 at 9:59 PM
I have an object that looks like this:

Telemetry Recording (contains some summary information that is shown in UI)
-Collection of Samples
--SampleMotionData Object (40 properties)
--SampleTelemetryData (40 properties)

Occasionally, users need to search by those 80 properties so I have created indexes on the most likely. I am unable to find a way to have these indexes without having three total tables.

Due to disk cluster size (the difference between size and size on disk), the large number of files results in 2X the amount of disk consumption than the actual amount of data written.

I'm also struggling to understand why the files are being divided into folders containing 100 files each. I am using the correct DLL's for desktop (.Server & .FileSystem). At one point in the documentation, it suggests that the 100 per rule applies to IsolatedStorage, why is it applying to FileSystem driver?

Is there any way to group the members of my collection into a single file and save disk space? Also, is there any way to NOT create so many folders?