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Sterling Object-Oriented Database for Silverlight and Windows Phone 7

The best place to look is the unit tests. The majority of questions on the forum are around issues that relate to changes to the API between versions and/or missing set up. The database ships will a full suite of tests not only for the database in general, but also for the specific drivers available on each platform. You should be able to look at the tests for these to determine how to configure, set up, and create expected behavior in the application. If you feel there is a test missing, please open a new topic in the discussion tab and let us know. If you have a persistent problem, the easiest and fastest way for resolution is to provide a standalone test - that is a .cs file with a unit test that can be dropped into one of the test projects - that replicates the issue. With this we can quickly reproduce the problem and troubleshoot it.

Sterling User's Guide

Sterling 1.5 Online Help


Changes in Sterling 1.6 - changing your classes

Sterling Articles and Blog Posts

Be sure to read and contribute to the Real World Projects using Sterling thread!

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jeremylikness Feb 12, 2011 at 4:41 PM 
Note: While I'm sharing the Peter Bromberg article, it was written before some major performance improvements were applied so the current version is much faster than he implies. :)

jeremylikness Dec 23, 2010 at 10:31 PM 
This is something I am aware of and will be working on cleaning up a bit. Would you in general prefer text or video documentation so I can prioritize best?

rsringeri Nov 26, 2010 at 3:52 AM 
I am no Silverlight expert. I found the documentation confusing a bit.

The Using Sterling section above describes comprehensively the steps needed to start up Seterling.

However the code sample that follows that talks about creating a service. But how do I use this service in the App.xaml? Sample code will be useful.

I created a DatabaseService class in MyNamespace. However when I try to edit my app.xaml to add the xmlns declaration or any other edits, VS2010 throws an exception. I cannot edit my app.xaml to make the changes to use the DatabaseService. Also none of the Samples included in the downloads has a DatabaseService class. Can you please clarify the usage of the DatabaseService class?