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Feature: Merge DB instances


I imagine I can do this manually on a table by table basic but it would be nice to have the ability to merge DB instances. This would allow me to:

1) On a user login server side validate:

a) Init a local server side version of my SterlingDB instance (MemoryDriver) ServerDeltaDB
b) Load delta data changes from DB and ServerDeltaDB.Save()
c) ServerDeltaDB.Save().SaveAsZippedFile
d) Upload to Client
e) ClientSide unzip and OpenTo ClientDeltaMemoryInstance()
f) ClientSide IsolatedStorageDBInstance.Merge(ClientDeltaMemoryDB) or MergeAsync()

I would re-use this same mechanism on any refreshes I did. I could bulk refresh a memoryDB and then just merge the changes to local storage.

The merge could be a simple Merge(bool InsertUpdateOnKeysOnly = true) vs. a table truncate/insert

I'm sure this could be optimized at DBInstance level vs. a looping through tables