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Hello I use Sterling in WP8 project. I have made some tests and DB has low performance. I saved 1000 very simple objects, which contained only id and type fields, this operation lasted 5 seconds....

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System.IO.EndOfStreamException on Windows Phone 8

I am using Sterling 1.6.2 from Nuget in a Windows Phone 8 project. When querying data using _database.Query<Article, int, string>(Database.ARTICLE_INDEX) .Where(l => l.Inde...

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Closed exception file when using ElevatedTrustDriver

Look at this post: We get the same error in that post, and we changed sterling source code. please look at comments. public BinaryWriter GetWrite...

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Sterling contains own implementation of Tuple, it is probably good for WP7. but why namespace of this type is System !? this namespace must be changed!

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Async Isolated Tests Fail on Mango/WP8

I wanted to see if I could reproduce the second part of my issue #16083 and all I had to do was run the Isolated Storage Tests in the latest build of Sterling. However, it doesn't happen every time...

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Order of table defs matters?

Maybe this is an easy question, but I'm using Sterling in my phone project and I create new table defs as I develop and add more support for it. Does the order in which you list the table definiti...

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Collection was modified exception in SerializationHelper.Save

I just came across this exception, and it was during a SaveAsync call: 10:26:32.3774 ERROR [Thread:1][DataRepository] - Collection was modified; enumeration operation may not execute. at System....

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Consideration on Async stuff

As you guys improve the Async APIs for Win8, etc. It would be nice if there was a bit more control/monitoring that I could query. IE . IsAsyncUpdateInProgress()? CanTruncateTable() I know the...

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Feature: Merge DB instances

I imagine I can do this manually on a table by table basic but it would be nice to have the ability to merge DB instances. This would allow me to: 1) On a user login server side validate: a) Ini...

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WinPhone8 SDK breaks old data compatibility

It seems that data saved to isolated storage with winPhone7 SDK cannot be deserialized when upgrading to WinPhone8 SDK. The implication of this is that once you upgrade to WinPhone8 SDK, you can't...

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